Winners of the Textile Society ‘Museum, Archive and Conservation Award 2020’ -

We are thrilled to announce that Macclesfield Museums are the winners of the Textile Society ‘Museum, Archive and Conservation Award 2020’.

The Textile Society award will fund a new project enabling us to research and conserve our Macclesfield Stripe Collection.

This important design was created and manufactured here in the 1920s -30s. It became an iconic design, unique to Macclesfield, which was highly sort after and sold all over the world.

The museum houses a variety of examples of Macclesfield Stripe; from complete dresses, to accessories and flat textiles.  Working with a conservator this exciting new project will help us preserve the collection for generations to come, by repairing damage and improving storage. We will also be conducting in-depth research into this design, how it was produced and hopefully the human stories behind the objects.

At the end of the project we are aiming to display the whole of this wonderful collection either in house or online (Covid dependent); something we have been unable to do for decades.

Follow us on social media facebookinstagram twitterand the #MaccStripe2021 for behind the scenes news of our progress this year.

Can you help? If you have any memories or connections to Macclesfield Stripe we would love to hear from you. Please contact our Curator Kathryn Warburton: [email protected]