Visit Us – Ancient Egypt Experience

A full day visit to the museum runs from 10 am to 2 pm. During the visit the children will split into groups which rotate around 3 different sessions. Each session is delivered by an enthusiastic member of our experienced education team.

Session 1: Marianne Brocklehurst Exhibition tour

The children are given an interactive tour of the Ancient Egyptian exhibition by a costumed interpreter – Marianne Brocklehurst. Artefacts will be introduced and explained in the context of Marianne’s journeys to Egypt.

Session 2: Object Handling

In this session the children get to handle replica artefacts. They will work creatively in groups to explore the artefacts and to produce a timeline for a canopic jar.

Session 3: Anubis Headdress

Each child will produce their own Anubis headdress. They will discuss the materials that would have been used, the representation of Anubis and the role of the priests in the temples in Ancient Egypt.

Download a school booking form to be returned to [email protected]

Suitable for KS1 & KS2

£10.50 per pupil. 10am – 2pm. Maximum number of children 30 / one class.

The Silk Museum, Park Lane SK11 6TJ.

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“The children were actively engaged and learnt facts as they went along. They certainly have remembered facts since they have returned. They enjoyed dressing up. They loved making masks and using the wrong end of the paintbrush!” 


If you are unable to visit the museum but would be interested in us coming to you please contact [email protected]

Anubis workshop
Artefact handling image