Makers’ Place

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update: Building Closure Policy Details

Paradise Mill

Paradise Mill takes you back in time to Macclesfield of the early 20th century, with the only working Jacquard silk hand looms in the country in their original location, offering the experience of what it would have been like to be a Macclesfield mill worker.

The Old Sunday School

NEWS A new vision for the Old Sunday School At the announcement of lockdown, the Silk Heritage Trust was embarking on a project that would see the Old Sunday School begin to transform into a creative hub for Macclesfield, with 2000sq ft of space being freed up for use as a place where local people […]

The Silk Museum

The Silk Museum is housed in the former Art School, which trained up artists and designers for the silk industry. It is now home to a fabulous introduction to Macclesfield’s silk story. Discover the mechanical processes of the Jacquard loom. Be inspired by the creative approach of the textile designers – including students’ work, block […]

West Park Museum

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update: Building Closure Policy Details