Shoes and Bags

Many people have a much loved collection of bags and shoes. Some may bring strong memories with them such as those bought for weddings or parties. Or equipment from a favourite sport. Do you have a favourite?

  • Mixture of papers
  • Paints – watercolour or acrylic
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Pencils – 2B, 4B
  • Graphite sticks/charcoal
  • String or thread
  • Buttons, sequins, feathers or collage items
  • PVA glue

1. Drawing Exercise
Choose 2 of your favourite items and arrange them to draw. Draw them with a margin around the edge.
Make sure you look back at your objects frequently. First draw an outline of the object. Fill in the details while looking back at your object so that you get accurate shapes.
Add in texture, shadows and tones. You could use a nice soft pencil, charcoal or graphite stick for this.

– 2B pencil
– graphite stick

2. Template work
Make yourself a couple of templates of a hand bag and shoes or boots, or a sports bag and equipment. Now have some fun! Plan to do 4 different fashion designs of your object. You could use different colours and patterns .They could be in a variety of methods e.g. your own painted ideas or with collage items.

– collage and felt tip pens
– mixed materials
3. Fashion Designer
Continuing with the fashion designer idea, design a whole look. Draw out the clothes and accessories (bags, shoes, etc.). Make sure that the items complement each other and there is a theme throughout the outfit.

4. String/thread work
This is a fun method. Start by drawing simple outlines of the object you are going to produce, this could be a bag, boots, hat, etc. Use watercolour paper where available.
Cover the whole area with a fairly thick layer of PVA glue. Have your string or thread ready and follow the shape carefully. You need to work quickly as the glue starts to dry and stops being as sticky.

5. Fun Challenge
Lots of us are guilty of carrying a huge number of items in our bags! Make yourself a large template of your bag. Guess how many items are inside. Quickly draw everything that you carry in your bag. Are you surprised how many items are inside?