Science and Patterns

This is our final week of Museum Mondays and we are going to explore codes, code breaking and patterns.

The Jacquard hand looms in the museum use a system of punch hole cards which provide the code for the patterns woven into the silk. Our collection of WWII objects includes codes and ciphers too.

Can you break the codes? Have a go at solving ours and email us [email protected] some of your codes for us to crack!

Morse Code

Morse code uses a series of long and short sounds to send a message. Can you decode our message and send your own?

Make your own code using Lego using our downloadable Activity Sheet.

Mystery Object

Mystery Object

Do you know what this object is that is on display in the museum? How do you think it was it used during WWII?

Download Question Sheet Download Answer Sheet


Pigpen Cipher Challenge

This code uses a series of shapes to hide a message – We would love to receive a coded message from you!

Send your message to [email protected]

Jacquard mechanism and punched cards

The Jacquard looms in the museum use punched paper cards to code the patterns woven into the silk.

Learn more about this process in this video and look further at punched card codes with this puzzle.

Punched Paper Music Box & Puzzle

Watch our punched paper music box tribute to Joseph Marie Jacquard and the history and influence of punched paper automation.

And then, have a go at our Punched Paper Puzzle…

Download Punched Paper Puzzle