Classroom resources – Ancient Egypt

Find out more about Macclesfield’s unique collection of Ancient Egyptian artefacts, with our interactive video and downloadable resources.

Ancient Egypt National Story Telling Week

The ancient Egyptians enjoyed storytelling as one of their favourite pastimes, using inscriptions and images to tell a range of stories with a wide topics including gods, great adventures and magical events – giving plenty of scope for creative writing and imaginative rewriting.

We have created ‘missing word’ versions of these stories using the National Curriculum word lists for years 3-6. With some examples of the students’ fabulous stories from Rode Heath School.

Ask Our Egyptologist

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an Egyptologist?

Is it really all adventure like The Mummy and Indiana Jones?

All your questions answered by Macclesfield Museums’ Egyptologist, Bryony Renshaw.

Ancient Egyptian Mystery Objects

Test your Egyptian artefact knowledge….We’ve five downloadable mystery object question and answer sheets from our unique Marianne Brocklehurst Egyptian collection for you to enjoy!

Ancient Egyptian Treasures

Discover more about the intrepid Victorian female Adventurers, the artefacts they found and the surprising stories linking five of the North West’s top Egyptology collections. Click on either the image or More Info to view.

Online Egyptian Jigsaws

Have a go at our Shabti and Shebmut Mummy online jigsaw challenge. How fast can you complete it? Challenge your friends and family!

Choose from 24 up to 300 pieces, or go custom size.

Senet: A Game fit for a Pharoah

Amongst all of their gold and treasures, Pharoahs were buried with board games. This may sound strange to us, but board games were an ideal thing to have in your tomb. They were fun to play, which would help to pass the time in the afterlife, and they also had a religious significance.

(Painting in tomb of Egyptian Queen Nefertari (1295–1255 BC playing Senet)

The Ancient Egyptian board game Senet

Play the ancient game of the Pharaohs: Learn how to make and play the Ancient Egyptian board game of Senet.

Count like an Egyptian

Play the ancient game of the Pharaohs: Learn how to make and play the Ancient Egyptian board game of Senet.

Board games were a favourite pastime in Egypt, Senet was played by two people: Pharaohs played on elaborate carved and in-layed boards, or by peasants who simply scratched into the earth.

Hieroglyph Activity

For thousands of years, the Ancient Egyptian language was used to write stories, spells and records
on papyrus scrolls and the walls of tombs and temples.

Hieroglyphs are little pictures of animals and objects. Why not learn the Alphabet in Hieroglyphs and write messages to your friends.

Find more in-depth analysis of Hieroglyphs by our Egyptologist, Bryony Renshaw here.