Ancient egypt loan boxes

Loan Box Booking FormObject handling allows pupils to use all their senses, such as touch, sight and smell, often leading to a more memorable experience. Our loan boxes are a great way to bring a subject to life and enhance classroom-based learning. Digital resources are provided alongside the loan boxes with background information on the artefacts and ideas on how to use them in the classroom.

The Ancient Egyptian loan boxes contain a number of replica artefacts including;
• A scribal palette and papyrus sample,
• Make-up palette,
• Rosetta stone,
• Senet game pieces,
• Cat statue,
• Amulet mould,
• Heart scarab,
• Tutankhamun mask,
• Shabti,
• Canopic jar.


£45 for a half term
£75 for a full term
Schools are responsible for collecting and returning the loan box to the Silk Museum.
Safety First: We constantly review our loan procedures and follow government guidance and operate processes used by public libraries.
We operate socially distant collection and return procedures, payment will be required via BACS and there will be a quarantine period for materials between loans. Please contact us for further information.

Download a loan box booking form to be returned to [email protected]