Point paper colouring sheets

What are Point Paper Designs?

Point paper designs are enlarged textile patterns drawn on a grid. They were used by Card Cutters to help them punch holes in the Jacquard Cards, building up a code of pattern which was fed through the Jacquard Loom to weave the pattern.

To allow the Card Cutters to clearly see colour changes and tiny details of small patterns, the Point paper designs were much bigger than the finished textile pattern.

The colours in the point paper designs aren’t the real colours for the finished weave.  They  are a code that tells the Card Cutter what order the threads will pass through the loom.  Bright colours were used to help them see the differences in the murky light in the mill and help them make fewer mistakes.

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Downloadable Point Paper Colouring Sheets

Grab your crayons or felt tips, and find out what it’s like to be a point paper designer with our free colouring by numbers downloadable sheets. Click to choose from:

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Happy Colouring!