Online Resources – WWII

WWII Silk Escape Maps

Discover our collection of World War II Silk Maps and learn about the crucial role that Macclesfield’s silk industry played in the Second World War.

WWII Morse Code

Samuel Morse devised a way to send messages using short and long taps on a signaller (sometimes called a key).

Learn how to make your own Morse Code and then try to crack our code. Including lots of other Morse code ideas including using Lego and noisy household items.

Macclesfield VE Day

Source Materials taken from local newspapers all about VE Day in Macclesfield.

Photo Credit Bill Axon: 1945 VE Day street party in Old Mill Lane, Macclesfield. The lady standing second from left at the back is his late mother-in-law Eva Mayers, holding his wife Christine.

Macclesfield Evacuee Stories

One of the most noticeable effects of the war on Macclesfield was the influx of large
numbers of ‘outsiders’ into Macclesfield. Read about the effects and what life was like for them.