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Binary - The Jacquard Mechanism and Early Computing

Supported with funding from the IMA (Institute of Mathematics and it’s Applications) we have produced a lesson plan showing the links between binary, the Jacquard mechanism and early computing.


How we became the silk town

Discover the significance of the humble button at the start of Macclesfield’s silk industry.

Macclesfield Silk Industry Mystery Objects

Test your silk industry knowledge….We’ve six downloadable mystery object question and answer sheets from our collection for you to enjoy!

Are you cut out to be a card cutter?

Dan (one of our Paradise Mill museum guides) tells the story of Jack, the hapless Jacquard card cutter.

Click Here to find out more information about the Jacquard mechanism and Macclesfield’s silk industry.

Virtual Tour of Paradise Mill

Come on a virtual tour of this special place – a  unique piece of local history.

Email [email protected] for details of our school Silk Experience visits.

WWII Silk Escape Maps

Discover our collection of World War II Silk Maps and learn about the crucial role that Macclesfield’s silk industry played in the Second World War.