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Welcome to our Blog, where you’ll find lots of boredom busting activities for all ages inspired by our Collections.

Charles Tunnicliffe explore nature activities: Flowers

Explore a flower in detail just like local artist Charles Tunnicliffe OBE.

Charles Tunnicliffe explore nature activities: Birds

Download our bird word search and bird dominoes activities. Look out of your window and draw us a picture of the birds you see.

Point Paper Colouring Sheets

Grab your crayons or felt tips, and find out what it’s like to be a point paper designer with our free colouring by numbers downloadable sheets. Choose either Bee, Parrot or Butterfly design or perhaps all three.

Easy Circle Weaving

Use our easy step by step guide and show the kids how to create their own looms and start weaving beautiful designs using everyday items that you can find around the house and in the garden.