National Storytelling Week

Ancient Egyptians – National Story Telling Week 30th Jan~ 6th February 2021

The ancient Egyptians enjoyed storytelling as one of their favourite pastimes, using inscriptions and images to tell a range of stories with a wide topics including gods, great adventures and magical events – giving plenty of scope for creative writing and imaginative rewriting.

We have created ‘missing word’ versions of these stories using the National Curriculum word lists for years 3-6. Click the buttons below to download the Microsoft word documents.

The Tale of Khufu and the Magicians Snofru and the Boat Trip The Chambers of Thoth A Sack of Grain


Stories by children from Rode Heath school

Children from Rode Heath school became fully absorbed in the history of Ancient Egypt last term.  They handled artefacts from one of our loan boxes, participated in an ‘Ask our Egyptologist’ session, and undertook a lot of their own research.  Their hard work came together in the production of these amazing stories where they demonstrate their fabulous creativity, writing and research skills.  Well done, Rode Heath! Click on the buttons to see some examples of the students’ fabulous stories.

“The Rosetta Stone” by Harry “The Rosetta Stone” by Eleni “The Great Pyramid” by Lily “The Great Pyramid” by Harry


We’d love to hear your Ancient Egypt stories, please contact [email protected]