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Welcome to our Macclesfield Museums From Home, where you’ll find lots of boredom busting activities and interesting facts for all ages inspired by our Collections.

Museum Mondays!

Weekly family activities from Monday 27th July through the Summer holidays

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Ask Our Egyptologist

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an Egyptologist?

Is it really all adventure like The Mummy and Indiana Jones?

All your questions answered by Macclesfield Museums’ Egyptologist, Bryony Renshaw.

Egyptian mystery objects

Test your Egyptian artefact knowledge….We’ve five downloadable mystery object question and answer sheets from our unique Egyptian collection for you to enjoy!

Online Egyptian Jigsaw Challenge

Have a go at our Shabti and Shebmut Mummy online jigsaw challenge. How fast can you complete them? Challenge your friends and family!

Choose from 24 up to 300 pieces, or go custom size.

Victory Fashion. What women wore at the end of the War

What women wore at the end of the War. Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Victory in Europe.

Click the picture to watch the latest video featuring Costume Historian Lucy Adlington from History Wardrobe and her fantastic array of original outfits and accessories.

Bunting for Bletchley

Friday 8th May is VE DAY which is the date in 1945 everyone came together to celebrate the end of a time of hardship and this year is the 75th anniversary.

Bletchley Park are appealing for ‘budding bunting makers’ bored at home to help make over 1,945 metres of red, white and blue bunting to decorate Bletchley Park when it reopens to the public. SUSO wants to take part and is encouraging as many people as possible to make bunting.

Click the picture to follow the video for how to make to make no-sew bunting. To take part you will need ‘Red white and blue scrap fabric, Ribbon, Fabric glue or PVA glue and Paper and scissors.’

After lockdown we will collect all the bunting everyone has created and send them to Bletchley Park.

Lets celebrate together by staying safe at home.

Macclesfield Evacuee Stories

One of the most noticeable effects of the war on Macclesfield was the influx of large
numbers of ‘outsiders’ into Macclesfield. Read about the effects and what life was like for them.

VE Day in Macclesfield

Find out what Victory in Europe Day was like in Macclesfield on 8 May 1945 from newspaper cuttings.

Photo Credit Bill Axon: 1945 VE Day street party in Old Mill Lane, Macclesfield. The lady standing second from left at the back is his late mother-in-law Eva Mayers, holding his wife Christine.

Morse Code

Can you crack the Morse Code? and learn how to make your own.  Why not try making your own code using Lego or noisy household items using our downloadable Activity Sheet.

Count like an Egyptian

Learn to count like an Egyptian and then have a go creating your own hieroglyph picture alphabet.

The Ancient Egyptian board game Senet

Play the ancient game of the Pharaohs: Learn how to make and play the Ancient Egyptian board game of Senet.

WWII Silk Escape Maps

Discover our collection of World War II Silk Maps and learn about the crucial role that Macclesfield’s silk industry played in the Second World War.

Make your own Secret Code Map

Explore the nooks and crannies of your home and make a secret code map.

Design your own Top Secret Code

Send and receive secret messages with our Caesar cipher decoder wheel.

Charles Tunnicliffe explore nature activities: Flowers

Explore a flower in detail just like local artist Charles Tunnicliffe OBE.

Charles Tunnicliffe explore nature activities: Birds

Download our bird word search and bird dominoes activities. Look out of your window and draw us a picture of the birds you see.

Point Paper Colouring Sheets

Grab your crayons or felt tips, and find out what it’s like to be a point paper designer with our free colouring by numbers downloadable sheets. Choose either Bee, Parrot or Butterfly design or perhaps all three.

Easy Circle Weaving

Use our easy step by step guide and show the kids how to create their own looms and start weaving beautiful designs using everyday items that you can find around the house and in the garden.