Make your own secret code map

Now that you are spending lots of time at home you are probably getting very familiar with the nooks and crannies of your home and perhaps garden. Are there new hiding places that you have recently discovered, or areas that need more playful exploration?

What you need

Materials – paper, pens, pencils, chocolate/sweets or some other treasure

Make a Secret Code Map

  • Explore your home and make a map of it.
  • Make sure that you add on a key (like a code down the side). You might want to include symbols for different types of furniture like beds or chairs. What would be a good symbol for a washing machine or a television?

Hide some ‘Treasure’

  • Hide some ‘treasure’ around the house. Mark the locations of the hidden treasure on the map with an X.
  • Challenge another member of your family to find the treasure.
  • You could hide pictures of eggs or rabbits and provide a prize for finding all of them.
  • If you mark the locations of the treasure in pencil you can rub them out and play again…and again..and again!
  • Why not make a map each and hide treasure for one another? For smaller children you could draw the layout of the map and get them to add in some details.