Lesson 9. Beautiful Grasses

This week’s workshop is all about drawing, painting and printing and it’s an imaginative workshop!

Materials needed:
  • A variety of grasses you have collected
  • Paint: watercolour, acrylic
  • Cling film
  • Pencils: coloured pencils
  • Paper: good quality water colour, coloured, photo copy paper
  • Glue
  • Felt pens
Prepare your paper

1. Using good quality A4 water colour paper – cut into a variety of sizes suitable for landscape or individual grass work.

2. Using wet on wet method with clean water wet one of your papers. Cover with a good variety of coloured paint (watercolour or diluted acrylic). Make sure you mix the colours in your palette.

3. While the paint is still wet, lay on top a few painted real grasses.

4. Once the are placed on the paper, cover the whole thing with cling film. Fold it behind paper.

5. Turn over to right side and press your fingers over surface. Leave over night to dry.

6. The next day take off cling film and real grasses. You should be left with a nice marbled effect and and an print impression of the grasses.


7. You can now bring up your design using more paint, coloured pencils or felt pens. The grasses should be detailed and in bright colours in the foreground.

Drawing exercise

Take some of your collected grasses. Look really carefully at their structure. Now enlarge it in your drawings. You could use plain pencil or coloured pencil on coloured pencils.

Imaginative work Painting and Collage

Have some fun and imagine what could be hiding or camouflaged in the long grass….

1. Using small pieces of watercolour paper develop your hidden surprise.

2. Begin with a background.

3. Paint your hidden creature on the same piece of paper or on another piece and cut out.

4. Using paint or coloured pencils or pens make your long grass in the foreground.

5. Cut out a few grasses from another piece of paper and stick on top of your design.

6. Mount your work in a complimentary colour paper.

Here’s some examples I made –

I would love to see what you create – Please do email over some pictures of your work to make an art gallery for us all to see [email protected]

Enjoy our wonderful British grasses they are very beautiful just now.

Until next lesson,

Julie x