Lesson 8. Box challenge

In this class, you are going to create a boxed grid of 9 squares and practise your drawing skills, texture work, printing and stippling techniques.

Materials needed
  • Variety of papers: watercolour,cartridge, coloured tissue
  • Paint: watercolour,acrylic
  • Pencils: coloured and plain,
  • Felt pens
  • Sponges
  • Cardboard
  • PVA glue
  • Ruler
  • A variety of objects from around your home

Go firstly to your jewellery box and choose 9 items. It could be pieces that have sentimental value ( I have used items from my granny, my mum and others) or items that go well together or colour similarities.

1. Take your A4 size of paper and using a ruler divide it up into 9 equal sized boxes. You could use all the paper or a template for smaller boxes so you have a margin around each box.

2. Draw in each box one of your lovely treasures. Look carefully at each shape and detail. You might want to enlarge some objects if there is room in your boxes. I have used felt pens – you could use watercolour or coloured pencils if you prefer.

3. If you have used smaller boxes now mount your work on coloured paper.


Texture Work 1

Collect a variety of objects from around your home trying to choose items with different textures.

1. Again, using A4 size paper divide it into 9 boxes use all the paper this time.

2. Now draw each object concentrating on texture, depth, shadow and shape. Only use plain or coloured pencils.

Texture Work 2

You will need a variety of things for this could be rice, pasta, string, nets from fruit, egg box bits, thread, tissues, coloured paper to quill. I also used a mixture of cornflour paste mixed with PVA glue. (If left overnight makes a nice texture).

1. Cut out 9 boxes (use paper mounted on cardboard as needs to be a firm base).

2. In each box make a nice texture with your items you may need a strong glue – mine is done with P V A. (I have used rice, seeds, lace, thread, egg box bits, cornflour mix ).

3. Allow to dry thoroughly.

4. When dry paint with acrylic paint.

You could use one colour theme or a mixture. When all dry mount all together on cardboard or strong paper.

Texture detail 1
Texture detail 2
Printing / stippling

1. Divide A4 paper into 9 boxes again.

2. Using a piece of cardboard design a simple stencil – a simple design is more effective than a complicated one.

3. Cut the stencil shape out.

4. Using a sponge and acrylic paint stipple your stencil shape in each box. Experiment with a variety of colours. You could do double shapes by overlapping prints.

Why not have a dabble at 9 detailed drawings of your favourite outfits and accessories?

Have fun and enjoy ‘thinking outside the box’ with my Box Challenge!

Please do email over some pictures of your work to make an art gallery for us all to see [email protected]

Julie x

For next week’s lesson you will need a variety of grasses – so collect a variety on your walks or in your gardens to have ready.