Lesson 7. The Best Time Of Day

What’s the best time of the day for you? Is it Time for tea, a Coffee break, or Wine o’clock or Cocktail hour? This lesson is all about having a go with drawing/ painting/ printing/ collage – imaginative work.

Materials needed:
  • Variety of papers: watercolour,photocopy, coloured, scraps of wrapping or wall paper
  • Collection of things cut from magazines or newspapers
  • Paint any kind you prefer (I have used water colour coloured pencils)
  • Felt pens
  • Lace to print if wanted
  • Glue
  • Drawing items
  • Scissors
Subject matter:
  • Collect a variety of drinking items you have in your home:
  • Your best tea service or mugs and coffee cups
  • A selection of glasses for different drinks alcoholic and non alcoholic
  • Don’t forget some treats to go with drinks
  • Make a selection of cups and saucers and arrange on a tray with a mat. Or an arrangement of mugs or beakers.

1. Draw your selection with pencil when ready. Cover the background with a wash and maybe print on top if you have some lace. Paint items with detail adding depth and shading.

2. Fold some paper in half (could be wall paper ,wrapping ,or bits from mags or paper). Design shapes of cup and saucer or mugs and then stick on chosen background.

3. On either white or coloured paper, draw outlines of your variety of glasses (you could use paint or coloured pencil). Make a simple wash to help outline. Also with a wash, add colour liquid in each glass. Have fun and decorate each one.

Some more ideas to try:
Non alcoholic fruit punch collage
Collage glasses and bottles ready to celebrate

Beatrix Potter painted these 2 delightful illustrations below. “Things that magically come out of cups after midnight”.

Using your imagination draw and colour something magical popping out from one of your cups.It could be the start of a wonderful story to share with children.

Art ideas are so inspiring to share. Please email over some pictures of your work to make an art gallery for us all to see [email protected]

Cheers and Good Health to you all!

Julie x