Lesson 6. Fruit – mixed media

Materials Needed:
  • A4 size paper whatever available
  • Background – watercolour, cartridge or photo copy paper
  • Small pieces of coloured or white tissue paper
  • Small bit grease-proof paper
  • A few small bits of sponge (may be cut from cleaning sponge
  • A cheese grater
  • Paint/ ready mix, acrylic,gouache or water colour
  • Some thin cardboard (cereal packet)
  • Oil pastels or wax crayons
  • Glue
  • Felt pens
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Paint brushes

1. Collect as many different kinds of fruit you have in the house put into a bowl for observation.

2. On your piece of A4 paper – Use a sponge to dab paint all over (I used 3 colours). Let the paint overlap. Don’t use too much paint – as paint on a sponge goes a long way! Leave to dry.

3. On another A4 piece of paper (you could also use brown paper or grease-proof paper) draw your fruit bowl and decorate with a pattern . Cut out the fruit bowl shape with scissors.

4. With either tissue paper or photocopy paper, cut out shapes for lemon orange plum etc.

Put paper on cheese grater and with pastel or wax crayons take a rubbing for texture of skin of fruits.

You could also do wax resist fruits. Draw with wax crayon and cover with a paint wash. Or you could just paint fruits – Experiment! Cut them all out.

5. Now assemble your bowl of fruit onto your lovely back ground. Have some fruits over-lapping, some behind each other and some hanging down. When happy with your composition, glue them down.

Looking at pattern in fruits

Cut a few fruits in half and observe structure and pattern. You could make your own stencil of patterns observed using thin cardboard cut with a craft knife or thin small scissors.


You could also make an abstract pattern with your shapes with felt pens or coloured pencils.


Have a fun, fruity time! I’d love to see your designs – email over your pictures to [email protected]

Julie x