Lesson 5. Bubble Art

Materials Needed:
  • Washing up bowl or sink
  • Washing up liquid or shampoo
  • Brusho powder paint or acrylic fat brush or fan brush
  • Glue felt pens
  1. Put small amount of water in bowl or sink put in washing up liquid or shampoo froth up with your hand so you have a large amount of bubbles.

2. Have ready your paper cut into small pieces (water colour paper is best – but you can use other types).

3. Take a generous amount of bubbles from the top of bubbles and put on top of paper. Do two pieces at a time.

4. If you have Brusho powder paint, sprinkle sparingly on top of bubbles one or several colours.

5. If using acrylic load a generous amount with a little water onto brush and flick paint over bubbles.

With Brusho
With Acrylics

6. Leave to dry naturally on newspaper do not use a hair dryer, as this destroys the bubbles.

7. As the bubbles gradually disappear, you should be left with a lovely bubbly effect.

8. Now you have a great material for back ground or collage for a variety of art work.

Have fun, use your imagination! Again, you could use for delightful cards and also look great mounted.

I’d love to see your work – email over your pictures to [email protected]

Julie x