Lesson 3. Mixed Media

Materials needed:
  • Small pieces of white material – use an old pillow case or sheet. (Cut material into small pieces, but big enough to make into cards.)
  • Use whatever paints you have at home – water colour, acrylic, gouache or brusho
  1. Paint your pieces of material – You could do just random pops of colour or more controlled designs e.g. sea colours, garden ,flowers etc.
  2. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  3. Once dry. draw your designs onto material using felt pens.
  4. More paint (dryer coats) use silver or gold pens – what ever materials you have.
  5. Allow to dry again (use a hair dryer to speed things up).
  6. You can then embroider areas of design, or add more details with collage papers  or pens.
  7. When complete, mount with coloured paper . They make attractive cards.

I’d love to see your pictures – email over your pictures to [email protected]

Julie x