Lesson 2. Observational drawing / pen& ink/ water colour

Materials needed:
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Fine black pen
  • Watercolours
  1. In your gardens or indoor house plant; choose one plant that is looking wonderful and do a detailed sketch with pencil.
  2. Make sure you look carefully at shapes and details. You may want to concentrate on just one area.
  3. Go over drawing with a fine black pen.
  4. Paint one small area with water colour.

You could also do 3 drawings of same plant or leaves or grasses use your fine black pen to go over each one.

Now do a graded wash over the whole thing. Do 3 different colour washes.

A graded wash is a wash of different colours you blend together – remember to mix your washes in your pallets so you are ready to blend.

I’d love to see your designs – email over your pictures to [email protected]

Julie x