Lesson 12. Wild magical colours

Many artists use colour in a very imaginative way. Fauvists use wild colours to represent images. Modigliani used colours which would leap off the canvas while others appeared more distant. Franz Marc, a German artist, used colour to show fantastical and emotional qualities. Andy Warhol leader of pop art played with colour in his work. Some artists use contrasting colours to confuse us and to experiment. This lesson I want you to play with colour in ways you may not have done before.

  • Paint: acrylic,watercolours
  • Variety of size brushes
  • Felt pens, coloured pencils and watercolour pencils (if you have some)
  • Magazines& newspaper cuttings for collage,
  • Variety of papers: watercolour and cartridge

1. Begin by cutting out 6 rectangles of paper from a A4 sheet. Draw a different simple landscape design on 3 of them. Now copy each one onto the other paper so you have a duplicate of each design.

2. Now paint one of each design in 3 realistic colours and the other ones in vivid colours.

3. Choose and design something you love and is always associated with certain colours e.g. a peacock, a panda ,a robin etc.

4. Draw your design carefully on A4 or larger paper. Now, have some fun and paint in colours which are never associated with this image. Be free and wild! Also, think carefully about your background so your design pops out.

Collage work is brilliant for experimenting. Draw a design and fill in with a wide kaleidoscope of colours from your cut outs from magazines and papers. Fill your design in a jigsaw fashion.

Fun Animal exercise. Draw an outline of animals or birds you like. Now paint their heads tails etc and outline of whole creature.

You need to repeat this design idea on another piece of paper. Paint sheet one in realistic colours second sheet in imaginative colours. Inside each body draw a variety of objects real or imaginary. Play, experiment, have fun… These images would make super cards.

I hope you enjoy the session. Keep creating my lovely artistic group! I will be away for a few weeks but I will be back from bonny Scotland with lots more ideas to inspire you all.

And don’t forget to email over more pictures of your work to make an art gallery for us all to see [email protected]

Julie x