Lesson 11. Mindful Marks – De-stress and Draw

Drawing is a basic and natural form of self expression. Everyone can draw. Do not be timid or suppressed. When you draw you should loose yourself forget problems and worries. It is a means of expression and creation, it should bring you happiness and help you to de- stress and feel calm.

  • Paper: watercolour, cartridge, photocopy sheets.
  • Drawing materials: pencil soft and hard eg 2B 4B HB
  • Pens, biro, felt pens
  • Watercolour paints
  • Brushes medium width, fan shaped
  • Ruler

1. Begin by drawing yourself a number of neat boxes on a sheet of A4 paper. Now relax and have some fun. (You could put on some nice, relaxing music)

2. Scribble continuous lines. Draw a continuous line in many different directions in a continuous line.


3. Wavy lines. This time draw lots of wavy lines in lots of different directions, some might be parallel to each other.


4. Energised strokes. Make marks to display movement.


5. Interrupted Lines. Lines drawn across the paper should meet a shape follow around the shape and carry on.


6. Rhythmic Lines. Marks made with thymic movement of the hand can be used for texture , or decorative pattern effects.


7. Now have some fun developing a few of your experiments.


Fun colour surprises.

1. Divide a A4 piece of paper into 3 or draw 3 boxes with a ruler.

2. In your watercolour box pallette mix 3 colours red,blue, and grow.

3. Using your wide or fan shaped brush make free and random strokes in each box. Try to have 3 different approaches.

4. Look carefully at each one – what is your imagination helping you to see? Whatever it is, using more paint or felt pens help your delightful surprises come to life!

After all that drawing, I’m sure you’ll feel more relaxed. Keep drawing every day – even if it’s just half an hour every day and your confidence will grow.

Don’t forget to email over more pictures of your work to make an art gallery for us all to see [email protected]

Julie x