Inspired by Nature

Charles Tunnicliffe had a love for nature that you can see in his pictures of birds and wildlife. He was born near Macclesfield and studied Art in the building that is now the Silk Museum. He is well known around the world for his pictures of birds.  He painted, etched, and created wood engravings.  His work is very lifelike as he made detailed studies of bird body shapes and characteristics as they were seen in nature, rather than as stiff scientific studies.

This week we have fun activities that will get you exploring the natural world – we will be creating nature windows, trying our hand at sketching and playing bird dominoes.


Nature Window

Making a Nature Window will help you look at things differently. You can see things by isolating them in a square or rectangle.

You can place it close up to things to see things in detail or further away for a larger view.

Grab some crayons, paper and your Nature Window and go draw what you see around you – it could be a section of landscape or something close up.


Nature Scavenger Hunt

Tunnicliffe had exceptional observation skills. He took great care in his detailed pictures of birds and wildlife.

Download our Scavenger Hunt Quiz and get exploring outdoors (maybe even take a picnic). You’ll really get to test out your observation skills!


Our regular art class (Have a Dabble) hasn’t been able to run during lockdown. Their wonderful art teacher, Julie, has been creating craft activities which are all on our website for everyone to enjoy.

There are two for you to try that fit with our nature theme – Observational drawing and Beautiful Grasses.

We’d love to see your pictures! Email them over to Natalie [email protected].

Tunnicliffe Activities

Tunnicliffe Activities

Download our bird word search and bird dominoes activities.

Download Bird Wordsearch – can you find the bird names in the grid?

Download Bird Dominoes –  print out the domino pictures to play.  If you don’t have a printer you could draw your own.

LOOK OUTSIDE – What can you see from your window?  We’d love to see pictures of what you can see too. Email them over to Natalie [email protected].