Have A Dabble Adult Art and Craft Classes

Have a Dabble is an art group for adults run by artist and art teacher Julie Longbottom at Macclesfield Museums. Our classroom classes are currently suspended due to Covid-19 – so, we are bringing Have a Dabble to you!

Thanks to generous funding from the Cheshire Community Foundation we have distributed boxes of art materials and activity idea packs for people to work on while safely at home.

  • Pre-Covid our Have a Dabble community had 30 members (affectionately known as ‘Dabblers’), meeting once a week at Macclesfield Museums
  • We’ve issued 240 Art boxes to local residents
  • Provided over 30 lessons
  • Post out 65 packs every month to people who can’t access the internet
  • Fortnightly ‘Sketchbook Sharing’ keeping-in-touch Zoom sessions
  • Through a combination of our website, e-newsletter and postal packs we have a growing community of over 400 ‘Dabblers’
How can I get involved?

No special skills or experience is required to Have a Dabble, just an interest in experimenting with art and a willingness to have a go.

New art activity ideas will be added here on the website. Join us for our fortnightly ‘Sketchbook sharing’ sessions on Zoom and help us create an online gallery.

You can sign up for the weekly e-newsletter by emailing [email protected]

Please help us reach more ‘Dabblers’ and grow our Creative Community DONATE HERE

Have A Dabble at Home

Hello Dabblers, I hope you are all well and safe at this difficult time – I miss teaching and seeing you all at the Old Sunday School. But for now, here are some creative lessons for you to all try at home. Keep in touch, love, Julie.

Lesson 1. Colour work
Lesson 2. Observational drawing Pen & Ink
Lesson 3. Mixed Media
Lesson 4. Drawing challenge
Lesson 5. Bubble Art
Lesson 6. Fruit, mixed media
Lesson 7. The best time of the day
Lesson 8. The Box Challenge
Lesson 9. Beautiful Grasses
Lesson 10. Sensational Silhouettes
Lesson 11. Mindful Marks – De-stress and Draw
Lesson 12. Wild Magical Colours
Lesson 13. Textured Tissue Paper
Lesson 14. Exploring Monochrome
Lesson 15. Brilliant Brushmarks
Lesson 16. Shoes & Bags
Lesson 17. Food Shopping
Lesson 18. Autumn Colours
Lesson 19. Perfect Patterns
Lesson 20. Japanese Artwork
Lesson 21. Fun with Fabric
Lesson 22. Simply Drawing
Lesson 23. Strictly Sparkle
Lesson 24. Christmas Crafts
Lesson 25. Winter Landscapes
Lesson 26. Art Nouveau
Lesson 27. Reflections & Shadows
Lesson 28. Camouflage
Lesson 29. Tree Bark
Lesson 30. Adventures in Paint
Lesson 31. Traditional Aboriginal Artwork
Lesson 32. Secret Garden
Lesson 33. Colour
Lesson 34. Spring
Lesson 35. Still Life