Food Shopping

Everyone feels differently about food shopping. Some people love it, others tolerate it and some people hate it! I shop therefore I draw! Don’t write another shopping list when you can draw it instead. This activity is around retrieving visual information. When you draw something from memory you are not only strengthening your memory but also your drawing skills.

  • Mixture of papers
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Wax crayons
  • Magazines/newspaper/leaflets for collage work
  • Water colour paints
  • Glue
  • Pencils

1. Shopping list
Start making your shopping list. Think of each individual item, and then draw it from your imagination. You can draw them in a line, one under each other or have fun with overlapping shapes to make a composition.

2. Fruit and Vegetable Still Life
Still life pictures representing fruit and vegetable has been a tradition for centuries.

We are going to use a wax resist method to produce our still life pictures. Start with a good quality piece of watercolour paper. Collect a selection of vegetables or fruits that you have in your home so you can see shapes and colours or you can work from your imagination as I have done.
Use your wax crayons to draw each item and colour parts of each one – this could be the veins, or some shading, etc. Do not fill the whole item in.
Next use your watercolour paints to fill in the rest of each item. You will achieve a lovely bright wax resist effect.
3. Accurate images
Select a couple of items from your shopping list to make accurate pictures of. You could produce a coloured image using either the wax resist method or water colour paints.

4. Design challenge
Andy Warhol raised the profile of the humble can of soup in art in 1962 with his ‘Campbell’s soup’ prints.
Design your own new drinks can, cereal box, reusable bag or chocolate selection. Make it eye catching and colourful.

5. Prize hamper
You are rewarded with a lovely surprise as you finish your shopping. You are given a prize of a luxury free box of food of your choice! What would be a treat for you? Have fun making either a collage or using your imaginative drawing skills to display what you would choose to put in your prize box.