Easy circle weaving

Use our easy step by step guide and show the kids how to create their own looms and start weaving beautiful designs using everyday items that you can find around the house and in the garden.

What you need:

  • Piece of cardboard – cereal packet or similar
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Thread to weave with: This can be anything – wool, string, twine, strips of fabric, embroidery thread, beads, or natural materials, all types of textures etc.

Let’s get weaving:

    1. Cut out a cardboard circle
    2. Cut short (~1 cm) slits around the edge of the circle. The more you do the more detailed your weaving will be.
    3. Thread string or wool between the slits to make your loom to weave upon.
    4. Tie a thread to the centre of your threads (where they all cross) and use this to weave in and out. As you work around the circle pass over the first thread and under the second thread.
    5. To build up a pattern you can change colour or change the frequency you go over and under (for example, over 2 and under 1….)

Other things you could try:

  • Weaving natural materials like grass and leaves in.
  • You could also weave in beads or try using a different shaped piece of cardboard.

Please share your circle weaving with us and we will build up a gallery of them. Add them to our post on our Facebook page #MuseumFromHome #MaccMuseums or you can e-mail your pictures to [email protected]

Happy weaving!