Charles Tunnicliffe explore nature activities: Birds

At Macclesfield Museums we have a wonderful collection of Charles Tunnicliffe OBE art work.  He was a local artist, born in Langley in 1901, where he spent his early years living on a farm and started his wildlife sketching and drawing.  When he was older he studied at Macclesfield School of Art on Park Lane which is now the Silk Museum.

He is well known around the world for his pictures of birds.  He painted, etched, and created wood engravings.  His work is very lifelike as he made detailed studies of bird body shapes and characteristics as they were seen in nature, rather than as stiff scientific studies.  

Download our bird activities  to try at home:

BIRD WORDSEARCH – can you find the bird names in the grid?

BIRD DOMINOES –  print out the domino pictures to play.  If you don’t have a printer you could draw your own.

LOOK OUTSIDE – What can you see from your window?  Post a comment on our Facebook page telling us what wildlife you can see from your window.  We’d love to see pictures of what you can see too. The next few weeks can be a busy time for birds with the departure of winter visitors and the arrival of summer migrants.

Please share your drawings with us and we will build up a gallery of them. Add them to our post on our Facebook page #MuseumFromHome #MaccMuseums or you can e-mail your pictures to [email protected]