Ask Our Egyptologist

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an Egyptologist?…… Is it really all adventure like The Mummy film and Indiana Jones?

Now is your chance to have all of your questions answered by Macclesfield Museums’ Egyptologist, Bryony Renshaw.

Thanks to all the school children who have sent questions to Bryony – she’s going to post her answers in a series of videos combined with other activities on this page over the coming weeks…



Watch Bryony’s first video answering all your questions about excavations.

Have a go at being an Egyptologist

We’ve five downloadable mystery object question and answer sheets from our unique Marianne Brocklehurst Egyptian collection for you to try!

Art and Hieroglyphs

Watch Bryony’s second video answering all your questions about Art and Hieroglyphs.

Hieroglyph Activity

For thousands of years, the Ancient Egyptian language was used to write stories, spells and records
on papyrus scrolls and the walls of tombs and temples.

Hieroglyphs are little pictures of animals and objects. Why not learn the Alphabet in Hieroglyphs and write messages to your friends.

Find more in-depth analysis of Hieroglyphs by our Egyptologist, Bryony Renshaw here.

Pyramids and the Sphinx

Watch Bryony’s third video answering all your questions about pyramids and the sphinx


Pyramid Activities

Pyramid Activities

Download our two worksheets inspired by Pyramids.

Download Pyramid Activity Sheet Download Plum-bob Worksheet